What Could IHT Mean For You?

The COVID19 bill is coming due. One way or another, it will need to be paid. There may be a certain level of scope for the government to make savings. Realistically, however, it seems highly unlikely that there is enough scope for it to avoid raising taxes at all. If it does, or when it […]

Preparing For Your Very Last Move

Death and taxes are both inevitable. It, therefore, makes sense to prepare for both. Unlike filing taxes, preparing for your death can have its interesting side. In particular, you get to plan your own funeral. You also get the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve made life easier for those you’ve left behind. Here are some […]

Understanding Inheritance Tax

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The basic idea behind Inheritance Tax (IHT) is simple. When you die, the value of your estate will be assessed and if it falls over a certain threshold, HMRC will claim a share of it. In practice, however, your tax liability can depend largely on your ability to plan in advance. Here are some key […]

Love, Remarriage and Inheritances

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As the law currently stands, if a person is married or in a civil partnership, their spouse/civil partner has first claim on their estate if they die.  Provision may be made for minor children but not for adult ones (barring special circumstances).  This fact has implications on inheritance for parents even if they’re not thinking […]

How To Plan For Inheritance Tax

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Following the news that thousands more people are expected to pay the standard 40% inheritance tax this year because of the effects of the pandemic, we explore some of the ways to navigate the complexities of inheritance tax. The complex laws around inheritance tax (IHT) caught many people off guard during the Covid-19 pandemic. Along […]

The Bank of…Granny and Grandad?

For many younger people struggling to get a foot on the property ladder, the Bank of Mum and Dad is the only option. With rent taking a huge chunk out of their income and the requirement for increasingly onerous deposits, two in five renters do not believe they will ever be in a position to […]

Achieving your financial goals

We lead complex lives in an increasingly complex world. As financial planning experts we can help you better understand your financial challenges, goals and needs, and help you find appropriate ways to meet them. Even a seemingly straightforward financial goal can involve numerous decisions and a lot of time and effort getting it right. Whether […]

A Matter Of Trusts

Taking out a life insurance policy gives you valuable peace of mind: you know you’ve protected your family against financial hardship, should the worst happen. But how can you make sure your policy will pay out quickly, to those who’ll need it most, if you died unexpectedly? The answer might be to write your policy […]

The new £1m Inheritance Tax allowance

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In the wake of the 2015 General Election, the Conservative Party confirmed it would deliver on its Manifesto promise that parents could pass their property up to the value of £1m to their children free of Inheritance Tax, thanks to a new ‘family home allowance’. The allowance is called the Resident’s Nil Rate Band (RNRB) […]