Can You Be Your Own Financial Adviser?

Thanks to the internet, the average person can now access vast amounts of information on just about any topic. That’s amazing in so many ways. It’s also potentially highly dangerous. There’s a difference between having access to information and being able to apply it appropriately in the real world. That’s why there’s still a place […]

Embarking on a DIY project? Check your home insurance

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You may have some extra time on your hands and judging by the queues outside hardware stores, people are seizing the opportunity to get some home improvement jobs underway, particularly with more Britons than ever working from home. Between February and March 2020, Google searches for ‘DIY’ increased by 9% year-on-year, with searches for ‘home […]

Don't Pay For DIY Disasters

The holidays might prompt you to finally get those home improvement projects underway, but are you covered if your DIY goes awry? With a free supply of hints, tips and video guides available at the click of a button, you might feel confident about saving a bit of money and tackling tasks that you would […]