Don’t lose out to inflation

Multiple Shopping bags in rows representing inflation through increased retail price

Putting your hard-earned cash into savings accounts may not be the most efficient way to make your money work for you.   If you’ve been placing your cash into a savings account over the past decade, you might be surprised to find that your money could now be worth less now than when you first […]

Give your children a head start with financial education

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Financial literacy isn’t a skill that we are born with. Learning how to manage money effectively means acquiring a few important life lessons that parents can pass on to their children from a relatively young age. With homeschooling on the agenda for many families at the moment, one perfect way to engage your children, a […]

Saving for Junior

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Junior ISAs (JISA) are long-term, tax-efficient savings accounts for children, introduced in November 2011 to supersede the phased-out Child Trust Fund (CTF). There are two types of JISA: A cash Junior ISA – where you won’t pay tax on interest on the cash you save A stocks and shares Junior ISA – where your cash […]