What Could IHT Mean For You?

The COVID19 bill is coming due. One way or another, it will need to be paid. There may be a certain level of scope for the government to make savings. Realistically, however, it seems highly unlikely that there is enough scope for it to avoid raising taxes at all. If it does, or when it […]

What Happens To Your Estate If You Die Without Making A Will

You may have seen daytime TV shows involving “heir hunters”.  These people aim to track down the heirs of people who’ve died intestate.  They then help them to claim their inheritance (for a fee). In the real world, intestacy isn’t usually so exciting.  In fact, it can be very frustrating for the people left behind.  […]

Understanding Inheritance Tax

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The basic idea behind Inheritance Tax (IHT) is simple. When you die, the value of your estate will be assessed and if it falls over a certain threshold, HMRC will claim a share of it. In practice, however, your tax liability can depend largely on your ability to plan in advance. Here are some key […]

What music do you want played at your funeral?

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A quick look at the current top 10 funeral songs turns up some predictable results. ‘My Way’ by Frank Sinatra is favourite, followed by ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ in second place. Another more ironic choice is ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’ from Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’. Have you planned your song […]

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)

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You may have already arranged a Will* to deal with matters in the event of your death, but have you considered what would happen if you became unable to handle your affairs while still alive? Peace of mind Have you considered how a physical or mental illness could affect your ability to manage your personal […]

A Matter Of Trusts

Taking out a life insurance policy gives you valuable peace of mind: you know you’ve protected your family against financial hardship, should the worst happen. But how can you make sure your policy will pay out quickly, to those who’ll need it most, if you died unexpectedly? The answer might be to write your policy […]