It’s great to be optimistic and hope for the best, but you also need to plan for the worst.  The simple truth of the matter is that even if the odds are very much against something bad happening to you, or the people you love, sometimes life throws you a challenge and having the right insurance can help you deal with it.

As a rule of thumb, if you really need it, or just really value it, then it’s worth protecting as much as you can.  For example, if you have dependents, life cover is generally highly advisable.  You might also want to look at your options for medical cover and income protection cover.

Last but definitely not least, if your family includes pets, then it’s often a good idea to get insurance for them too.  Not only can they give you peace of mind for vets’ bills but some policies offer support if your pet causes damage to a third party.

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The Value of Protection

If you have a family or people that rely on your income, Protection Insurance should be considered essential to you.

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Income Protection

If you couldn’t work due to a serious illness or injury, how would you manage? Could you survive on savings, or on sick pay from work? If not, you might want to consider income protection insurance which provides regular tax free payments to help toward monthly bills.

Life Insurance

Knowing that your loved ones are taken care of should something happen to you unexpectedly, can give you great peace of mind. Life Insurance (sometimes known as Life Assurance) helps provide this financial security.

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