Remortgaging means getting a new mortgage for your existing home.  You can do this by switching to a new product with your existing lender or by switching to a new lender.

If you stay with your existing lender and your repayments will be the same or lower, then you may be able to avoid going through the standard process of being approved for a new mortgage.  Basically, you can just transfer the approval you have already been given to a new product. 

If, however, your repayments will increase (e.g. you want to tap into the equity in the property) or you want or need to transfer to a new lender, then you will need to go through the full approvals process.  This will include having your home revalued and proving that you can afford the mortgage.

This means that you should do your sums carefully before you decide whether the costs of going through the mortgage application process can be justified by the savings you expect to make by switching.

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