Navigating Mortgage Repayment Challenges: A Four-Step Guide

The current financial landscape, with the Bank of England (BoE) raising its base interest rate to 5.25% as of September 2023 – a peak not seen in 15 years – has left numerous homeowners grappling with their mortgage repayments. If you’re nearing the end of a fixed-rate deal, you might be transitioning from a comfortable […]

Understanding Product Transfers vs. Remortgaging: A Comprehensive Guide

Navigating the mortgage landscape can often seem like a daunting task. However, when your current mortgage deal approaches its conclusion, two primary avenues emerge: a product transfer or a remortgage. Each option comes with its unique set of advantages and considerations. Let’s delve into the differences and the implications of each. What Exactly is Remortgaging? […]

New Mortgage Charter

New Mortgage Charter encourages lenders to provide you with more support Banks and Building Societies have been encouraged by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt to offer more flexibility if you are finding it difficult to make mortgage payments. Mortgage lenders, the FCA, the Government as well as organisations such as UK Finance and the Building Societies Association […]

100% Mortgage Fears

The resurgence of 100% mortgages has raised concerns in the housing market. While they offer an opportunity for buyers with limited savings to enter the market, the return of these high loan-to-value mortgages has sparked worries about potential risks and their impact on housing market stability. The risks of high loan-to-value mortgages High loan-to-value mortgages, […]

Can your energy efficient home help save money on your mortgage?

Have you ever heard of a green mortgage? They’re steadily becoming a popular option for property owners, as many lenders are adding them to their portfolios. If you’re due to remortgage soon and you have an energy efficient home, it’s well worth considering them as a remortgage option. We explore what they are and how […]

Busting remortgaging myths.

Your circumstances have changed – will you be able to remortgage? We all know life doesn’t stay the same. Our jobs, our relationships, our financial circumstances, they all evolve over time. So if our lives are constantly changing, why should our mortgage stay the same? Your life may have completely altered since you last remortgaged. […]

Should you stay with your lender?

Staying with your current lender may feel like the safest option when your mortgage comes to an end, but that’s no guarantee that you’ll be getting the best deal. That’s why we recommend shopping around to get a mortgage that’s fits you. When there is such uncertainty in the housing market at the moment, you […]

Should I remortgage when my fixed rate ends?

The short answer? Yes. If you don’t remortgage at the end of your term, you will be automatically transferred to your lender’s standard variable rate, which tends to be higher than the rates on most other mortgage options. So if you’re coming to the end of your fixed rate mortgage deal, it’s worth shopping around […]

Life after your Fixed Rate mortgage

Life after your Fixed Rate mortgage. What happens when your mortgage deal expires? If the end of your fixed rate mortgage is on the horizon (even if it’s months away), then it’s a good idea to start looking at your options today. If you haven’t got a new deal in place when your fixed rate […]