Decoding the Stress Behind Mortgage Applications

Acquiring a home is a monumental life milestone, and for most, it necessitates navigating the labyrinth of mortgage applications. However, what should ideally be an exciting journey into homeownership often becomes a source of stress and anxiety. In a revealing statistic, two-thirds of mortgage applicants find themselves grappling with stress during the application process. Let’s […]

Is It Still A Seller’s Market?

The introduction of the SDLT (Stamp Duty) holiday sparked a frenzy in the housing market. Realistically, it was only to be expected that the end of the tax break would lead to a slowdown. Just like people, there’s a limit to how long markets can run at maximum speed. The key question, however, is, how […]

Are House Prices Due For A Fall?

House price rises don’t have to be followed by falls. In fact, they don’t necessarily have to be interspersed with plateaux. They cannot, however, simply keep storming ahead in defiance of both logic and affordability criteria. This means the UK housing market is arguably long overdue for a cooling-off period. This raises the question of […]

The Gender Pay Gap And The Property Market

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In the UK, women, legally, have equal standing with men.  This equality, however, does not necessarily manifest itself in terms of pay.  As a result, women can find it even more of a struggle to get on the property ladder.  Fortunately, there are ways for women, and other people on low incomes, to address this. […]