The Journey to Retirement: Securing Your Financial Future

The dream of retirement extends beyond the idyllic vision of leisurely beach days—it’s fundamentally about achieving the financial stability that enables such luxuries. Luckily, the path to this financial independence is well within reach, provided you’re willing to invest the effort now for the lifestyle you envision later. Begin with a Personal Pension Plan Setting […]

Are You (Financially) Ready For Retirement?

If you’re at the younger end of the boomer generation, then retirement should be high on your list of priorities.  In fact, even if you’re in Gen X, retirement should be one of your key considerations, especially if you’re at the older end of it.  This means you should be assessing your financial provisions for […]

What Does Inflation Mean For Modern Retirees?

Retirees have traditionally hated inflation. It often has a brutal effect on fixed incomes such as the State Pension and annuities. Pension freedom may have helped to take the edge of this somewhat. Even so, inflation is likely to have to remain a concern for retirees for many years to come. Here are some of […]

Are you approaching retirement?

If you are nearing retirement, you may have been particularly worried about the impact of recent market volatility on your pension assets and perhaps you are reassessing your retirement plans. There are several things to consider if you are planning to retire, which will depend very much on your own circumstances. Since pensions freedoms were […]

Can your pension pot sustain your retirement?

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Working out how long your pension pot will need to last – as life expectancy rises – is worth thinking about sooner than later. The lockdown caused many people to reassess their lifestyles, which for some meant choosing early retirement. But what retirees have found is that pension pots are not matching the period of […]

When Can You Retire?

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Over recent years, the state pension has made the headlines fairly regularly. One of the reasons for this is the increase in state pension age. Now, the government is proposing to increase the age at which people can access private pensions. Depending on your position, this may be a big deal or a moot point. […]

Making the Most of Your ISA Allowance

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The COVID19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of having both cash savings and insurance (for all the complaints about the latter).  At the same time, it’s still important to prepare for the future, especially your retirement.  Your ISA allowance could be used for both purposes, but that may not be a good idea.  Here’s what […]

2020 The story so far

Little did we know, as we entered a new decade, what was in store for the global economy in 2020. Around the globe, the Covid-19 pandemic has inflicted a huge human cost. The response, and the measures to reduce the spread of the virus have inevitably had a significant impact on global economic activity. A […]

The search for a reliable retirement income

It’s been almost four years since the April 2015 pensions changes which scrapped compulsory annuities and gave pensioners greater choice over how to take their retirement income. This historic change to UK pension legislation opened up a range of investment opportunities for pensioners. With increased control of their pension, investors can seek to position their […]

Saving at all ages

The news is always full of stats about first-time buyers: in 2016 there were an estimated 335,750 first-time buyers – the highest figure since 359,900 in 2007 the average first-time deposit has more than doubled since 2007 to more than £32,000 • the average price of a first home broke through the £200,000 barrier for […]