How to keep yourself safe from scammers

Falling victim to a scam can have all kinds of unpleasant consequences. You can not only lose money, but you can also lose your identity.  It’s therefore vital to do everything you possibly can to keep yourself safe from them.  Here are some tips to help. Common types of scams and scammers Scammers use various […]

Love, Remarriage and Inheritances

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As the law currently stands, if a person is married or in a civil partnership, their spouse/civil partner has first claim on their estate if they die.  Provision may be made for minor children but not for adult ones (barring special circumstances).  This fact has implications on inheritance for parents even if they’re not thinking […]

What’s your digital information worth?

These days, for practical purposes, you are the sum of your data.  Everything you do online creates a data trail which doesn’t just point back to you, it comes to form a part of your identity, hence the term “digital identity”.  As such, it is vulnerable to the threat of identity theft.  With that in […]